Yard Dudes

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The idea is simple.

You worked all day. You're pooped. Shot. Done-zo. You should go do some yoga in the park. Or go for a bike ride down the Beltline. A grizz from Elmyr is totes calling your name RN. Point is, life's too short to spend all your time working, so don't. Let us take care of this one little thing for you. Seriously, do you even own a lawnmower, anyway? 

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The Shortlist


Cut, Edge, Blow

The ABC's of yard maintenance, or the CEB's, if you will. It's not rocket science. Your grass is long, and we'll cut that stuff right down. We'll even put some nice lines in it for ya. They won't last forever, but what does? 


We're not even going to lie to you about this. We'll clean out your gutters, but only on the condition that we can get up there on your roof and walk around easily. Truth is, the height kind of freaks us out. Particularly, the pup. If we can't get up on your roof, we may still be able to clean out your gutters, but it's gonna cost you. Just being honest. 


Oh, our trusty companion, reclamation! Ya know, we bet you've got at least one tree with English Ivy growing all over it. Don't even act like you haven't seen the signs that say 'ENGLISH IVY KILLS TREES,' because we know you have. They're everywhere. What about Wisteria? Sure, it's nice in the spring, but we bet you trip all over those vines in the fall. The point we're trying to make here is this: You've got a section of your yard that you've let get away from you for awhile and we can help you get that space back. You'll be fire-pitting in no time.  





ARE THE WORST. That's the simple & plain of it. They're everywhere, and we bet your neighbor's tree dumps more leaves into your yard than your trees do. Who wants to deal with them?? Not you. We know that's true. We don't, either, honestly, but we will. But only for you. 



It's like makeup for your yard! AND, it helps keep the weeds away, at least to a degree. We think we may be pine straw guys, ourselves, but the truth is that you guys love mulch. If you want to give your yard an extra edge, this is a great place to start. 


We're no arborists, but if you've got a crape myrtle that's gotten away from you, we're more than happy to 'take some off the top.' Weather permitting, of course. 

What else ya got?

We didn't get into this business with any real plan, but that hasn't stopped us. We've come a long way, and you can bet your butt we didn't get to where we are today by putting limitations on what work we're willing to do. If you have a project you're considering, tell us. If we can't do it, we can almost certainly put you in contact with someone who can. 


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Kind words from good folks. 

You can get anybody to cut your grass, but if you don’t get Vision Vine Landscape & Design, then you don’t get Jason. I’ve used Jason for years at my home and on my commercial properties. Jason Cares about his work, does it right the first time and is reasonably priced. Jason is the only person I trust to do the job right other than myself.
— Ted L. // West Midtown
Jason is the only person I’ve trusted to maintain my lawn since my wife and I bought our house. He works thoroughly and quickly, and he communicates everything he does and sees. He’s always assessed my situations fairly, never upsold me, and has delivered great results consistently for years. I’d recommend Jason to anyone looking for a lawn guy they can really trust.
— Kyle S. // Edgewood
Jason is an honest, hard worker who will never over charge you and will always show up when he says he will. He will do an excellent job in lawn maintenance, trimming bushes, and cleaning up yard debris. I’ve been using Jason for over five years and have never been disappointed with his work. Highly recommended!
— Victoria N. // East Atlanta Village
Jason worked on my yard for three years before I sold my house and moved out of state. It was always a joy to come home and see the yard so clean, but the best part was the trust and friendship we built over those years. He’s honest, meticulous, and one of the nicest people I know.
— Mat S. // Candler Park

The simple & plain of it

You've got our word

Your yard is in good hands. Your shrubs have never been so round. Your grass? Never so even. You'll have the edgiest sidewalks on the block. Like straight up, your sidewalks are rocking skinny jeans and blue hair, reading Pitchfork, listening to Frank Ocean. 

Who is this guy?

The name is jason, nice to meet ya.

Hey, howdy! Hope this finds you well & good & enjoying your life. I enjoy mine a few different ways. Sometimes a good long run does the trick. Sometimes too many Tropicalia's do me in. I love a good jam with friends, and there ain't much better a thing in my life than my family. I roll always with my sidekick pup, Beni. He's the foreman of this little operation we've got going and he loves a good squirrel chase. 

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